We host house and travel baseball programs in Webster NY for players from 4 to 18 years old.
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Question:  When is registration?

Answer:  Walk-in registration for the spring leagues that play from April-June is held in January.  We will continue to accept registrations via mail until the leagues are full or we close the league because it's time to play.

We also offer a summer house league that plays weeknights in July and August.  Registration for that is in June.  The web site will be updated with that info when the time comes.

In some cases we will offer fall leagues (if we have enough volunteers to run it) that play in September and early October.  Registration would be held in August.

Although t-ball doesn't start until June and plays only in June and July, registration is held with the spring leagues in January.

Question:  We were sick/The dog ate the form/We were away?We forgot/The sun was in my eyes/etc.  Can we still register?

Answer:  Check for a registration update on the home page.  It will state which leagues are full and which still have openings.  You can choose to be added to the waiting list of a full league.

Question:  That school coach doesn't know real talent when he sees it.  My kid was cut and now we don't have a place to play.  Will you let us in?

Answer:  The leagues for older kids do not conflict with school baseball, for the specific purpose of giving the kids the chance to do both.  In many cases, the modified teams carry enough kids to field two teams so your child will only play half a game.  why not sign them up for WAA so they can play more baseball?  Don't wait until after school tryouts.  Our leagues for 13 & up do not start until after school ball ends.

Question:  My child's travel coach/school coach/personal instructor/personal trainer/fairy godmother/etc. said that he can't pitch in any other league.  Can we still play?

Answer:  Last time I checked, this was America.  However, too much pitching is not a good thing.  Let us know when registering of any restrictions so the coaches can be notified prior to the player draft.

Question:  Can I wait until after the draft to see which teams need players, then pick the team I want my kid to play on?

Answer:  No.  In fact, in these cases it's not uncommon for the league to restrict those players who may register after the draft from pitching for the entire season.

Question:  My child misses the age cutoff by one or more minutes/days/weeks/months.  Can we register for XXX league?

Answer:  the date Little League uses to determine a player's age is April 30.  Your child must be the appropriate age before May 1 of the current year.