We host house and travel baseball programs in Webster NY for players from 4 to 18 years old.
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Team Update
by posted 10/12/2021

I just wanted to take some time and reach out to update everyone on our plans and upcoming events:

  • First there will be the cleanup day at Damico park for our team on October 30th.  Even if you are unable to help with the clean up please have the kids come for uniform sizing as that will also take place that day.  
  • ​Next we would like to pick two team captains.  They would have some extra expectations for them as we would look at this as a leadership position on the team.   They would be responsible for running the warmups with our core activities and streches, ensuring the field gets setup for the activities we are going to do, making sure we have the necessary equipment when we start games, and some other tasks may come up for them as we progress.  I would like any of the kids that would be interested in being a captain to bring a short letter of interest or intent to practice by Friday 10/15.  If you will not make practice feel free to send an email to let me know either if they are or are not interested.  Before we just choose anyone to do it I would like to see who is interested and figure out which selection process we will use if necessary.
  • We have practices still through the end of the month on Tuesday and Fridays.  After that we close down the fields and we will still hold some strength training probably each week which will probably cost around $10 a session or so.  There are a couple sessions that are included with the dues at Athletic Prospects.  Then in January we will probably continue strength training and have some fielding time each week at NVP down the road near the Rec Center near Damico.
  • We've looked at some tournaments for early in the year before the season.  Our season starts a little later due to Modified baseball so I would like to try and get an early tournament in so we can expose everyone to a tournament away from home.  It would be a cost split amongst everyone for the registration fee and probably be over a weekend.  There were a couple in Hershey PA in middle and late April which would be nice timing I think,but I will keep looking.  Average cost of the ones I have seen so far is around $850 per team and I will continue to look to see if others pop up.   We would like to do another tournament later in the year also for the extra playing time, but haven't looked into those year.

We appreciate everyone showing up when they can and look forward to working with everyone as we progress through the season.  Just a reminder to have the kids work on the things we have been trying to work on them with at home.  These included jogging, running some sprints, interval (jogging with intermittent sprints), push-ups, long distance throwing with a parent or someone that can help them (start close and move outward to around 90ft), and working on there pitching stances and balance (coming set and lifting one leg up to develop balance).  We have covered them so they should know what to do, but the only way to improve is to work on them outside of practice.


if you have any questions please let me know.


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