We host house and travel baseball programs in Webster NY for players from 4 to 18 years old.
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Question:  When/where does xxx league play/start/practice?

Answer:  Check the League Listings page for information on each league.  If the information is not yet listed for a league, check back soon or contact the webmaster.

Question:  Can I request that my child be on the same team as his/her friend? 

Answer:  For T-ball, yes.  You would just come to the first session together.  For any other league, possibly.  The Developmental and Rookie leagues can accommodate some requests, within reason.  Above that (Minor, Major, Junior, Senior), generally no.  Why?  We all know it's not about winning and losing, but our commissioners spend hours assembling fair teams because we do know no child likes to be on a team that never wins a game.  At the end of each season, we ask our coaches to rate the players os that next year the commissioners can try to create these fair teams.  Unfortunately, there are people who try to load teams up with talented players, and we want to avoid that.  That being said, our Developmental and Rookie leagues do not keep score or declare winners and losers.  However, if we let people choose their own team at that age, it makes it much more difficult to tell them we can't for Minor and up.  Under special circumstances we may make exceptions, which is why it is important to write or speak to the commissioner and express your concerns.