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Question:  What kind of bat can my child use?

Answer:  Little League announced some changes to their bat rules (again) in 2012. The web site page describing them is here.

For the Little League Major Baseball Division and below: The moratorium on composite-barreled baseball bats remains in effect. However, some composite-barreled baseball bats that have been proven in laboratory testing to meet the BPF (Bat Performance Factor) standard throughout the life of the bat, through the Accelerated Break-In (ABI) process, have received waivers. That list is here. The page includes a link to a downloadable list of approved bats. Rule 1.10 in the Little League rule book includes a description of what is allowed and not allowed.

For advise on choosing the correct weight and length of a bat for your child, click here.

Question:  Can I by my child his/her own batting helmet?

Answer:  Absolutely!  Please make sure it indicates that it meets all necessary standards and guidelines and is approved for Little League play.

Question:  I was told the brand new bat I purchased is illegal.  If it's illegal, why did the store let me buy it?  Why was it even for sale?  What is a legal bat?

Answer:  For Major and below (which includes Minor, Rookie, Developmental and T-Ball) the bat must be marked with the statement "approved for Little League."  That will pretty much take care of any problem, including barrel size and BPF.

For Senior and above, an adult bat is required.  This would be a -3, BESR certified bat.  Most, if not all, adult (high school) bats sold today are BESR certified.

The Junior league is the only league that allows players to use either a "Little league" or adult bat.  You may see what's called "Senior" bats in stores.  Those bats are NOT legal for Senior league or Little League, only Junior league.

Question:  Can my child use a wooden bat?

Answer:  yes, but it still must meet the appropriate specifications for hes/her age and league.

Question:  My child has a hockey-style catcher's helmet, yet we were told we could not use it.  Why?

Answer:  Little League rules stipulate that ALL catchers helmets must have a dangling throat guard attached, even it it is a hockey-style helmet with an extended bottom-front.

Question:  Can I buy my child his/her own chest protector?

Answer:  Yes, but rules stipulate that the chest protector must include the extension at the bottom to protect the groin area.

Question:  Are metal cleats allowed?

Answer:  No.  WAA rules prohibit the use of metal cleats in any league.