We host house and travel baseball programs in Webster NY for players from 4 to 18 years old.
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Welcome to the home of Webster House and Travel Baseball!




Travel and Recreational baseball programs
for ages 4 to 18.


All Fields are currently OPEN.

Spring/Summer Season Starts the week of 7/6/2020 - See post below for more details.

Return to Play Plan can be viewed here. (Updated 7/3/2020)


Parking issues at Empire? Try using the overflow lot at Visiting Nurse Service!

when you hear thunder or see lightning!


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Changes are typically posted in the early afternoon.

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WAA 2020/ COVID Update #6
July 5, 2020 Tomorrow will be my first Opening Day as President...
WAA COVID-19/ 2020 Season Update
WAA 2020 / COVID19 Update #5 June 23, 2020 At Long Last, we...
Webster Little League Neck Gaiters
Soft, stretchy fabric for maximum comfort.  Wrap around design...
WAA Baseball Facemasks
WAA has masks for sale!   Limited quantities available. ...
Home Practice Schedule
WAA Baseball Families, We wanted to share with you a home practice...
T-Mobile - Official Wireless Partner of Little League
We're excited to share T-Mobile will be supporting our league for...
WAA 2020/ COVID Update #6

July 5, 2020

Tomorrow will be my first Opening Day as President of WAA. While it is not the Opening Day I expected, it is the one I will probably end up remembering most. Like all past years, Opening Day Eve comes with many feelings and emotions for all of us. I am at my desk today watching 20 Volunteers communicate and plan together to pull off what two weeks ago seemed impossible. The time they have sacrificed, the thought put into every detail, and the physical effort given, leaves me feeling overwhelmed with gratitude. Your Boards contributions to getting us all on the field safely is too long to list, and it leaves me to question how I / we can show appreciation, and honor what they have given.

Knowing them individually and as a group the answer is simple. We will respect the plan they have laid out, we will be patient with them when adjustments are needed, and when they see the kids playing baseball with big smiles on their faces, it will be all the Thank You they need. (It will probably cost some wings and beverages too)
We cannot fit 4 months of missed baseball into 7 weeks, so we will not try. Our plan is to start slow, keep it simple, iron out the kinks, and use this time to show our children that we can go out into the world and have fun, even with social distancing and guidelines in place. This is the main goal to everything we have planned for the kids. And we cannot do it without every participant playing a part.

Please review the bullet points below for updates, reminders and answers to frequently asked questions:

• All teams have been formed and are being entered on the website along with schedules. Coaches have been selected and will be contacted soon, if not already. Please remain patient if you have not heard from us yet. If you have not been contacted by your team by Tuesday, email the commissioner for the league you registered for. Contact info is available on our website.

• Uniforms will be distributed this week. Your coaches will give them out and review the necessary equipment and attire for the season. No Jewelry for any Game or Practice.

• School and Town fields will be open July 6th, so long as we execute our Return to Play Plan properly. When you get to the park, proceed directly to your assigned field. You will see markings at every field and your coach will direct you on what it all means and how to comply. Please be patient, we are sure there are little things we have missed in our plan, and we will address them as they come.

• As of tonight, any refund requests will be at a prorated amount.

• For Empire Park teams, please remember there is parking available at visiting nurse and a small
trail which works well for teams using field 2.

• Our Return to Play Plan is being updated and will be posted tomorrow. Please read it carefully
(changes have been made). Please note the Plan has Appendix’s that show specifics for each
age. You will be asked to hand in your signed waiver to your coach at your first practice.

• If you need equipment, your coach will have some available for loan thru the season. If he runs
out, we will get you more.

• If you have spray bottles to donate, there is a large metal bin between the two sheds at Empire
Park, feel free to drop them any time. We have enough for every team to start the season but
will need more.

• It will be hot this week, please remember the concession stand will be closed, bring plenty of
fluids and do not share. We will not have trash receptacles available, town parks are “Carry in /
Carry out” In the event we do open the stand we will then provide receptacles.

• Rules and pitching limits will be updated and modified for each league. You will receive
information thru the week and at Coach meetings.

Thank you to all of you for your patience, guidance, and support.

WAA Baseball

by posted 07/06/2020
WAA COVID-19/ 2020 Season Update

WAA 2020 / COVID19 Update #5

June 23, 2020

At Long Last, we are getting ready to PLAY BALL! Starting July 6th. 

Thank you to all that responded to our survey. It helped us format the programs, and over 90% responded they are ready to play.

School and Town fields remain closed for teams until July 6th. We have volunteers and contract services completing the necessary maintenance, and our fields will be in great shape when we return.

Our Return to Play Plan is Final and Approved. It can be viewed here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qwZa5DYQ0Pu5dIOkN-dFU1shL8XWRb--/view?usp=sharing

. Please read it carefully (changes have been made) and follow the instructions below to help us prepare. Please note the Plan has Appendix’s that show specifics for each age

Before you select an option, after reading the plan, please read the following bullet points:

  • All Fees for All Teams will remain as is. 

  • To all Wolves teams, scheduling and plans are being worked on and updates will be sent to your teams soon. Please log in and pay any remaining balances on your account. We expect to provide full value this Summer. If some teams do not get full value, we will issue appropriate credit or refunds after the season is over. The Remainder of your uniforms will be distributed soon, along with your masks and merchandise if you ordered any. 

  • Coach training dates are TBD and will be sent out to selected coaches soon. We need more Head Coaches, for Tee Ball and Minors. Please contact the commissioner for those leagues if you registered to Assistant Coach but are willing to help ensure everyone can play. Team formation for Minors and Majors will be different from past years to expedite the process. Details coming soon.

  • Do not sign or send the Appendix B at this time, you will give that to your coach at your first team event.

  • Batting Cages and Concession Stand will remain closed until further notice.  


  • Do not contact us about Bats or Helmets, if you cannot secure your own, that information will be collected, and distributed by your coach after teams are formed. The equipment distributed by WAA is used, it has been in storage since long before COVID19 arrived.

  • All waitlisted registrants as of 6/23 have been accepted and we are accepting limited numbers for each age. Please log in and pay to secure your spot.

  • Drop off for Spray Bottle Donations will be scheduled soon, please ensure they are empty and clean.

Registration is Open Until Midnight, Saturday, June 27th 

Current Options-

If you are currently registered for a Spring/Summer House league and paid, you will remain in que for the program level and age you registered for. There is no need to contact us currently. We hope to have teams formed by early next week. You will be contacted by your coach shortly after forming the teams.

If you are currently registered for a Spring/Summer House league and have not paid, you must log in and pay by Midnight, Saturday June 27th. If you have not paid by this time, you will be moved to the “AS NEEDED WAITLIST”. If you cannot participate, sign into our website and register your player for the “COVID-19 Refund” league. When registering please be sure to check the appropriate “Non-Paid” box. 

If you are currently registered for a Spring/Summer House league and wish to collect a full refund, you will need to login to our website and register for the “COVID-19 Refund” league. Please consider donating a portion of your refund to WAA for expenses. We fully understand that our plan may not meet your health concerns and hope to see you return as things improve. 

If you are not currently registered and wish to join us, there are limited spots available. Visit our website at waabaseball.org to register and pay. 

Please remember we are a 100% volunteer run association and will need your patience getting refunds and credit requests issued. DO NOT email us refund requests, email requests will be directed to this document.

by posted 06/24/2020
Webster Little League Neck Gaiters

Soft, stretchy fabric for maximum comfort.  Wrap around design for full protection.  Long-lasting, quick drying fabric  Lightweight poly spandex, with double edge flat stitching for added durability.

Size S/M = 8" x 9", L/XL = 10" x 13" (dimensions are of finished product laid flat). 

Junior High age and above recommended to use L/XL.


Shop here: http://www.assn.la/Store/Store.asp?id=10265&org=waabaseball.org


by posted 06/17/2020
WAA Baseball Facemasks

WAA has masks for sale!   Limited quantities available.  Don't miss out on your chance to support WAA and practice social distancing!

Mask fabric consists of 2 layers.  There is a pocket on inside for filter.  Elastic straps to accomodate various face shapes and sizes.

Masks help contain respiratory droplets.

Masks are comfortable and breathable.

Masks are washable and reusable.

There is a location to put initials or player #.

One size fits most.

Shop here: http://assn.la/Store/Store.asp?id=10260&org=waabaseball.org

Disclaimer: These specific masks are not required to for players to play WAA house or travel baseball. At this point, WAA baseball is still waiting on what the policy will be regarding masks and youth sport participation from Little League International and local leaders.

by posted 05/18/2020
Home Practice Schedule

WAA Baseball Families,

We wanted to share with you a home practice plan that our Player Development Coordinator, Kevin Sayers has come up with. For those of you who don't know Kevin, he is the Manager for our 9U Wolves travel team and is also a Physical Education Teacher at Plank North Elementary School.

It is a basic 5 day calendar for baseball specific work.  Each skill area has hyper links which show a video of how to do the drills and activities.  Please encourage your child to practice on their own, with a sibling or a parent/guardian. It should be in a familiar format to what your children have been doing the past few weeks for school.

The schedule can be found here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ZHChB4w7QQh9jbDkxUA6kDLCPfgIx_iLEBaDywCV474/edit?usp=sharing


We also have a YouTube channel that our Wolves coaches have created with additional drills as well. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxS-jnn4PEKxBm4beWgZrvg.

We hope these drills will be fun and educational  for your children as they wait for the start of the baseball season. For now, please stay safe, keep up with your school work and Happy Mother's day to all our Baseball Moms.

WAA Baseball


by posted 05/08/2020
T-Mobile - Official Wireless Partner of Little League
We're excited to share T-Mobile will be supporting our league for the 2020 season. No matter where Little League families live, T-Mobile is working to keep leagues competitive and connected. Their nationwide network is bringing the future to towns everywhere with more towers, more engineers and more coverage. Thanks for being our official wireless sponsor T-Mobile! 

by posted 04/02/2020
Field Status
Damico Cage - Webster TBD (7/7) 
Damico Park North - Webster  -- 
Damico Park South - Webster  -- 
Empire Cage 1 - Webster TBD (7/7) 
Empire Cage 2 - Webster TBD (7/7) 
Empire Park 1 - Webster  -- 
Empire Park 2 - Webster  -- 
Empire Park 3 - Webster  -- 
Empire Park 4 - Webster  -- 
Kent Park 1 - Webster  -- 
Kent Park 2 - Webster  -- 
Kent Park 3 - Webster  -- 
Kent Park 4 - Webster  -- 
KlemNorthEast - Webster  -- 
KlemNorthWest - Webster  -- 
KlemSouthEast - Webster  -- 
KlemSouthWest - Webster  -- 
Miracle Field - Webster  -- 
PlankNorthEast - Webster  -- 
PlankNorthWest - Webster  -- 
PlankSouthEast - Webster  -- 
PlankSouthWest - Webster  -- 
Ridge Park Field 3 - Webster  -- 
Ridge Park Field 4 - Webster  -- 
Ridge Park Field 6 - Webster  -- 
Ridge Park Field 7 - Webster  -- 
Ridge Park Field 9 - Webster  -- 
Game Results